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April 2015
"The Retention Rate is 100 Percent", Harry and Rosemary Wong (2015)
After three years in the Islip School District on Long Island in New York, 100 percent of new teachers are still teaching and teaching well.  Because their induction program of over 15 years produces effective teachers, 99 percent of the graduating seniors qualify for a New York State Regents Diploma.

March 2015
"Teacher Effectiveness and Human Capital", Harry and Rosemary Wong (2015)
Gary Becker of the University of Chicago received the Nobel Prize in economics in 1992 for his work on Human Capital.  Just as we invest in tangible forms of capital, he said if we invest in people, they will improve their useful outputs over long periods of time.  Two school districts, Providence, Rhode Island and Moberly, Missouri show how they invest in their human capital.

February 2015
"Training Teachers to Be Effective", Harry and Rosemary Wong (2015)
The Flowing Wells School District has, arguably, the finest professional development program in America.  They have had a structured professional development program for over 30 years and have developed a winning culture – and because they have figured out how to bottle that, amazing things have happened.  This article will show you what’s in that bottle and how you can use it.

March 2014
"Teaching New Teachers How to Succeed", Harry and Rosemary Wong (March 2014)
Effective induction programs help new teachers succeed by providing a structure of training and coaching so the new teacher is not isolated. Read how even a small school district in Missouri accomplished this with their two-year Supporting, Helping, and Inspiring New Educators (S.H.I.N.E.) program, for about $1,600 per teacher.

Jan 2012
"Coaching Teachers to Be Effective Teachers", Harry and Rosemary Wong (September 2011)
The role of an instructional coach is to improve the effectiveness of teacher instruction.  Look at “instruction”—the act, process, or art of imparting knowledge and skill.  Look at “coach”—to teach.  The focus of instructional coaches is to teach teachers how to be effective instructors.

February 18, 2010
"The Making of a Weak Teacher"
By Steve Gruenart and Terry McDaniel (2009)
It would be difficult to imagine any first-year teacher had aspirations of becoming a weak teacher.  Most individuals hired as teachers have the ability to do a good job and want to do a good job. So how is it that some become ineffective?  From the November 2009 issue of The School Administrator magazine, published by the American Association of School Administrators.

Dec 1, 2008
"Coaches Are More Effective than Mentors.", Harry & Rosemary Wong (February 2008)
The research is very specific: Well trained, proficient and effective teachers produce student learning.  Each year schools spend $7.3 billion recruiting and hiring the same new teachers to replace the same teachers hired the year before.  They are given a mentor, yet the attrition rate stays the same and student learning does not improve.  When the next new teacher is hired, he or she is given a mentor, too.  No one ever stops and analyzes why the pattern keeps repeating itself.

Dec 1, 2008
"Academic Coaching Produces More Effective Teachers.", Harry & Rosemary Wong (March 2008)
Coaching is six times more effective than class-size reduction.  The most effective schools have coaches.  The coaches meet with the principal on a regular basis to assess the progress of every teacher and student.  In an effective school, everyone functions as a team and there is a laser focus on student achievement.

Dec 1, 2008
"OMG. Here they come. Generation Y.", Harry & Rosemary Wong (April 2007)
Born from 1977 to 1986, Generation Y, or the Millennials, is a potential force of as many as 40 million.  The first wave of Gen Ys is just now embarking on their careers as classroom teachers.

Apr 12, 2007
“The Single Greatest Effect on Student Achievement Is the Effectiveness of the Teacher”
Paper presented at the North Carolina Principal’s Executive Program (March 2007)
Harry K. Wong
Here they come, the next generation of teachers.  The teachers we hire today will become the teachers for the next generation.  Their success will determine the success of an entire generation of students.

Dec 19, 2005
“The Emergency Teacher”, Harry & Rosemary Wong (November 2005)
Without certification or training—an “emergency teacher”—Christina is hired on the spot and (unknowingly) assigned to the classroom that few veteran teachers would take—sixth grade in the city’s oldest school building, in a crime-infested neighborhood known as The Badlands. “Sink or swim,” Christina is told on her first day!

Dec 19, 2005
“Improving Student Achievement Is Very Simple (Part 1)”, Harry & Rosemary Wong (May 2005)
The concept of school is very simple.  Teachers teach and students learn.  Improve the teacher and you improve the student. Ask any CEO of a private company what is the greatest asset of their company and they will tell you – their people.  When school administrators were asked, what is the greatest asset in your schools?

Dec 19, 2005
“Improving Student Achievement Is Very Simple (Part 2)”, Harry & Rosemary Wong (June 2005)
This we know!  Teacher quality is the most critical factor by which to improve student achievement or close the achievement gap.  It is the teacher, what the teacher knows and can do, that is the most important factor in improving student achievement.  It is how the teacher instructs, not the program, the size of the school or classroom, or the demographics of the students that determines student learning.

Dec 10, 2003

“Induction: How to Train, Support, and Retain New Teachers”

Paper presented at National Staff Development Council (December 10, 2003)
“If we want our teachers to teach our students well, then we must teach our teachers well. Effective school districts have comprehensive, coherent, and sustained induction programs that train, support, and retain new teachers.”


Aug 28, 2003
"Induction Programs Help Keep Better Teachers” (August 21, 2003)
“More of the time and money spent recruiting teachers should be spent retaining them. . . . Schools and districts with comprehensive, years-long induction programs for new teachers
and newly-hired teachers have less turnover and better trained educators . . . .”

Dec 16, 2002
"Assessing and Supporting New Teachers"
The Southeast Center for Teaching Quality (December 2002)
“For the most part, new-teacher induction programs are under-conceptualized, under-developed, under-supported, and under-funded in the American public education system. . . . Schools must have sound induction programs in which new teachers are both assessed and supported as they grow toward becoming expert classroom leaders.”

Aug 06, 2002
"Project on the Next Generation of Teachers at the
Harvard Graduate School of Education"

Harvard Graduate School of Education (n.d.)
“The Project on the Next Generation of Teachers, at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, is a multi-year research project addressing critical questions regarding the future of our nation’s teaching force. The Project examines issues related to attracting, supporting, and retaining quality teachers in U.S. public schools.”

Jun 15, 2001
"There Is Only One Way to Improve Student Achievement"
Harry K. Wong (2001)
“Two hundred studies have shown that the only factor that can create student achievement is a knowledgeable, skillful teacher. . . . The bottom line is that there is no way to create good schools without good teachers. It is the administrator who creates a good school. And it is the teacher who creates a good classroom.”

Jun 15, 2001
"Induction: Helping New Teachers Reach Maximum Potential"
Harry K. Wong (2001)
“New teacher induction is more a process than a program, involving the period of transition where new teachers evolve from being students of teaching to teachers of students. Induction is a must, not only because new teachers require support and assistance in beginning their professions successfully, but because of the astounding number of new teachers entering the profession.”

Jun 15, 2001
"Mentoring Alone Will Not Help New Teachers"
Harry K. Wong (2001)
“New secretaries do not receive a mentor. They are trained and helped. Doctors, factory workers, computer programmers, chefs, electricians, and dental hygienists do not receive a mentor. They are trained and helped. Even million dollar per year athletes are trained, every year and all year long. In every aspect of the work world, people are trained and helped. New teachers, on the other hand, often receive no training.”

Jun 15, 2001
"New Teacher Induction"
Harry K. Wong (2001)
“Dear Diary,
What happened?!? I came to my classroom today—prepared to dazzle my students with my command of caterpillars, butterflies, and the miracle of metamorphosis. Instead, they ate me alive!! They were horrible. Rude, blood-thirsty beasts in Power Ranger tennis shoes. What’s wrong with me? Am I such a bad teacher . . . really?”