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    Chapter 5 & 6 Table of Contents
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How to Train, Support, and Retain New Teachers

Chapter 5

  Sources and Notes for Chapter 5 72
  The Induction Process 74
  The Port Huron Program—Typical Yet Elegantly Effective 74
  Induction and Culture 77
  Results of an Effective Induction Program 78
  Three Highly Effective Induction Programs 79
  Framework for Inducting, Retaining,
and Supporting Teachers (FIRST)

    Lafourche Parish Public Schools 79
  Teacher Induction Program for Success (TIPS)  
    Flowing Wells School District 85
  Professional Educator Induction Program  
    Prince George's County Public Schools 89
  Comparison of Induction Programs 92
  Summary and Implementation 94

Chapter 6

  Sources and Notes for Chapter 6
  List of Induction Programs
  Principals Need to Be Inducted Too! 115
  Do You Have a Success Story to Share? 119
  Summary and Implementation 120