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More Induction Programs

Summary and Implementation

Planting the Seeds
Information We've Shared

  • Rural, urban, and suburban schools and districts across the country and beyond have increased the retention of more qualified, capable, competent new teachers by offering induction training.
  • Louisiana has an induction program for principals.
  • A school district in Illinois prepares its new teachers for national board certification.
  • North Carolina offers high school seniors generous scholarships to become teachers.
  • School districts are teaming with local universities to induct prospective teachers.

Nurturing Growth
What You Can Do to Make a Difference

  • Make contact with schools and districts just like yours that are successfully inducting prospective teachers, new teachers, and even principals.
  • Share your successes with us so that we can share them with others.

Reaping the Harvest
Benefits to Your School System

  • Induction is one of the best investments any school district can make.
  • Collaboration between school districts and universities is invaluable.
  • New teachers stay and succeed with districts that train and support them.