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More Induction Programs

Rappahannock County High School
Induction Program

The Rappahannock County School District consists of two schools, an elementary school and a high school. Jack Raines, the principal at the high school, meets with all of his new teachers for one week before school starts and provides on-site training in classroom management and instructional practices. The induction training is ongoing throughout the first year.

Jack Raines15
Rappahannock County High School
12576 Lee Highway
Washington, VA 22747

Northeastern State University
Induction Course

An induction course has been developed at Northeastern State University to prepare students pragmatically for the experiences they will face during the first few days of teaching. The course was developed when returning students complained that school districts were offering no training or support. In this course students develop an individualized teacher induction notebook to assist with the transition to the reality of teaching. Information on this course is available at

James Wilhite
Northeastern State University
College of Education
Tahlequah, OK 74464

Teacher Quality And Student Progress

A study of students and teachers in the Cincinnati Public Schools shows a connection between highly rated teachers and gains in student achievement. The district looked at grades 3 through 8 and examined each teacher's rating under the its detailed evaluation system. It also looked at individual student achievement on proficiency tests in 2000-01.

  • Teachers rated "unsatisfactory" under the system had students who scored as much as 13 points under district expectations on science proficiency tests and 9 points under district expectations for math.
  • Teachers rated "distinguished," however, had students whose scores in math and science were both 3 points above the expected averages.

"This study means teacher quality is a key component to determining student success and achievement. There is a correlation between excellence in teaching and raising student achievement," said Sue Taylor, president of the Cincinnati Federation of Teachers.16

See page 114 to read about Cincinnati's commitment to building effective teachers.


California State Universities

Just as Domino's delivers pizzas, the California State Universities can deliver a college instructor or mentor to your door. You say you live beyond commuting distance to a university, cannot access a university program due to personal circumstances, or have a full time teaching job? No problem. CalStateTEACH is an innovative 18-month program designed especially for non-credentialed elementary school teachers. The curriculum is delivered using a self-study format. Participants use online, print, and CD-ROM materials. They share ideas through web based class discussions, share ideas via a special Internet website, and get professional feedback through on-site mentor teachers and a California State University faculty member. Information on this
program is available at


Professional Practice School

The attrition rate for all Cincinnati teachers has been less than 10 percent over the past five years and only 3 percent of beginning teachers have resigned over the past five years.

The Cincinnati Public Schools have created the Career-in-Teaching program for developing continuous professional growth and teacher leadership. New teachers are recruited as interns in their second year of college to begin their teacher education and do their internship in Cincinnati's Professional Practice School, which works in cooperation with the University of Cincinnati and the Cincinnati Federation of Teachers.

No longer is there a traditional time-and-degree model salary schedule. Rather, teachers can continuously improve and assume multiple professional roles as they move through career steps-from "intern" to "apprentice," "novice" to "career teacher," "advanced teacher," and ultimately "accomplished teacher." Each successive step requires higher-quality teaching performance.

"Apprentices" are first-year teachers, and they receive intensive induction (their description). Through a peer assistance program, new teachers are assigned to consulting teachers- "advanced" or "accomplished" teachers in the same subject area or grade level
who are released from classroom duties to work with as many as 14 teachers.

Young teachers who demonstrate excellence in knowledge and skills at any point in their career can move up the salary scale and career ladder quickly, which gives them an incentive to stay with the city schools.

Even when teachers reach the "accomplished" level, the Career-in-Teaching program promotes professional development and expanded roles for them throughout their careers. The Cincinnati Public Schools have changed their thinking about recruitment and retention-they now have a system wide commitment to teacher career development.1