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More Induction Programs

Daniel Goldfarb Elementary School
Induction Program

Daniel Goldfarb Elementary School is part of the Clark County School District in Las Vegas. Along with participation in Clark County's district wide induction, new teachers at Goldfarb Elementary receive site-based induction training from their principal, Bridget Phillips. The principal provides ongoing after-school sessions during the first year of teaching, focusing on classroom management and instructional strategies. Similar training is also provided for student teachers in the school.

Bridget Phillips
Daniel Goldfarb Elementary School
1651 Orchard Valley Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89122

Killeen Independent School District
Excel Program

Killeen's Excel induction program begins with a four-day structured training session for all new teachers in early August, with ongoing follow-up training sessions throughout the year. Located next to the Fort Hood army base, one of the largest military installations in the world, both the teacher and student populations are highly mobile.

Susan Krals
Killeen Independent School District
200 North W.S. Young Drive
Killeen, TX 76543

Waterford School District
Induction Program

This is a four-year program designed to fulfill the Michigan requirement of 15 days of professional development for new teachers. The program combines Charlotte Danielson's four domains of teaching from her book Enhancing Professional Practice: A Framework for Teaching13 with the locally developed Waterford Instructional Model (WIM). Probationary teachers meet for three days before school begins and at additional times during the school year.

In Year 1 teachers focus on the classroom environment. Each receives a new teacher notebook with local district information and a set of district curriculum guides and each is assigned a mentor.

In Year 2 teachers focus on the domain of planning and preparation, receiving in-depth instruction on district expectations for curriculum, instruction, and assessment.

In Year 3 teachers focus on success for all students through differentiated instruction using the elements of WIM.

In Year 4 teachers focus on the development and use of standards-based thematic units for instruction. Working with the Michigan Education Association, mentor teachers are trained using the Path wise System, which was developed by the Educational Testing Service, using Charlotte Danielson's domains of teaching.

Mike Kehoe
Waterford School District
1325 Crescent Lake Road
Waterford, MI 48237

Induction Program
for Beginning Teachers

Singapore Airlines is consistently voted the best airline in the world by business travelers. Their success is based on a structured training program.14 As part of the same national culture, Singapore's new teachers are trained in a similar exemplary manner.

The Singapore Ministry of Education is analogous to an American school district. With a population of 3.5 million people, this makes them similar to Philadelphia or Miami. With 246 square miles, this is like Dallas, Texas. But the similarities end there.

The professional development center occupies an entire former school campus and is staffed to support a culture of COLLABORATION and SELF-MASTERY. This teaching center is called the Teachers' Network. It has a vision of building a fraternity of reflective teachers dedicated to excellent practice through a network of support, professional exchange, and learning.

Collaboration. The need to work together as collaborative colleagues is critical. Teachers' Network helps schools form Learning Circles, small groups of teachers, engaged in collaborative research and ongoing learning.

Self-mastery. Self-mastery is an important pillar of a learning organization. Teachers will only be able to cope with and facilitate changes if they are able to master themselves and grow as persons and professionals. The Teachers' Network provides a variety of workshop activities to help teachers start and continue their journey toward self-mastery.

New teacher induction is a one-year program (the program is in its third year) and is organized by the Teachers' Network. The objectives of the new teacher induction program are as follows:

  • Transmitting the culture of the educational system to beginning teachers
  • Reinforcing positive attitudes toward the profession
  • Improving teacher performance
  • Increasing the retention of teachers
  • Promoting the personal well being of beginning teachers

Intranet. The Teachers' Network continues to support the new teachers through its own intranet homepage. Some features include

  • ICARE (Individual Counseling and Advisory Resource for Educators). Any individual who needs to correspond by phone, letter, or e-mail will find someone on site who can offer individual help and counseling. This service is not only provided on the intranet but through face-to-face contact as well as the telephone.
  • Teach and Share. Teachers can share their successful practices and they can download an archive of best practices, lessons, activities, and strategies.
  • Teachers Forum. Similar in concept to a chat room, this is a site where teachers can post their honest and unedited views without stating their names.
  • Teacher On-Line. This is used to clarify employment questions where questions are forwarded to the right people for responses.

In addition to the Teachers' Network, other branches within the Ministry of Education provide additional services and programs. The personal development of a teacher does not stop with induction. Each teacher is encouraged to attend 100 hours of training each year. Most exceed the 100 hours!

The results of their culture are evident in the international test scores that appear periodically. Maslow would be happy to know that such a culture of collaboration and self-mastery produces self actualized professionals.