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More Induction Programs

Stanislaus County Beginning Teacher
Support and Assessment Program

The California Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment (BTSA) program was initiated in 1992 with California Senate Bill 1422, which endorses the gradual phase-in of support and assessment for all of the state's beginning teachers. As of 1999, approximately 75 percent of the state's first- and second-year teachers have participated in one of 130 BTSA programs. Participants receive two years of ongoing support from site support providers along with BTSA program activities and workshops. For Stanislaus County the overall retention rate of new teachers who have participated in its program is 95 percent! (See the References, page 216.)

Susan Rich
Stanislaus County Office of Education
1100 H Street
Modesto, CA 95354

New Haven Unified School District
Induction Program

The New Haven Unified School District induction program begins with orientation and training through five days of pre-school year workshops, followed by monthly support meetings. Each new teacher receives support in four ways: a support team, professional development opportunities, release time, and financial support for supplies and materials. The support team consists of a partner teacher, the site mentor or the BTSA specialist (or both), and additional members as deemed necessary.

Donna Uyemoto
New Haven Unified School District
34200 Alvarado Niles Road
Union City, CA 94587

Teacher Quality Matters at New Haven

Careful! You don't want But if you logon to it, it's quite amusing. What you want is, the website where you can find the document What Matters Most: Teaching for America's Future.8 Also on that site is a report that features the New Haven Unified School District in California.9 Whether you purchase the report or download all 132 pages, it is well worth your investment to read about a district that "has it all together." The bottom line, they say, is that "teacher quality is the most important factor in student achievement."

Perhaps this is why every school in the district has been recognized as a Distinguished School by the state of California and five of the schools in the district have received national Blue Ribbon awards.

This is a district that serves a low-wealth, ethnically diverse community and does not have a recruitment or attrition problem. They recruit the very best, get them, and keep them. One of the teachers aptly summarizes the overall atmosphere by saying,

Don't come to New Haven
if you want to be
a good teacher;
come to New Haven
if you want to be
the best teacher you can possibly be.
The atmosphere is creative, energetic,
supportive, and challenging.
Working here keeps me on the "high" road.

- Chris Ryan
   Language Arts Teacher, Logan High School

There is no recruitment problem in the New Haven Unified School District because retention is the key there. Read What Matters Most in its entirety at, or go to the New Haven Unified School District's website (, and you will understand why people do not leave this culture of creativity and success.

In a cooperative venture with the local university, California State University-Hayward, student teachers are treated as interns and their internship program is based within the district schools-ultimately providing a pool of trained, effective teachers who have been through their own district induction program.

See also "Daniel Goldfarb Elementary School Induction Program" on page 111 for information on Goldfarb Elementary School, where this same concept is practiced. Most importantly, the New Haven Unified School District has developed a world-class recruitment program using the Internet, a program that has been recognized for exemplary use of technology in recruiting.

The district has a proactive culture. They will tell you that "New Haven does not have a 'gimme, gimme' attitude. They deliver. Every supervisor, every support provider, every cooperating teacher will be properly oriented and trained. You KNOW that."

New Haven succeeds because its schools are organized around student AND teacher learning.

Rio Linda Unified School District
Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment

Rio Linda is a district that participates in the California Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment (BTSA) program, too. They pay their teachers $185 per day for five days of pre-school year training. This is followed by monthly BTSA network meetings and quarterly new teacher meetings. There are also weekly meetings with the support provider, three Saturday meetings, and (available by prior arrangement) demonstration classrooms. They use the California Standards for the Teaching Profession10 as an everyday model for effective teaching.

Frank Porter
Rio Linda Unified School District
6450 Twentieth Street
Rio Linda, CA 95673

Capistrano Unified School District
Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment

Using the California Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment (BTSA) program, the Capistrano Unified School District helps new teachers to focus on and internalize the California Standards for the Teaching Profession.11 Each participating teacher receives over 10 hours of orientation and classroom management training before the school year, followed by workshops throughout the first two years. Other forms of assistance include one-on-one support provided by a qualified and trained veteran teacher, four release days to observe other teachers, attend conferences, or strategize and communicate with colleagues, $150 for the purchase of classroom materials, and up to $1,050 for district- and site-specific professional development. The program has proved more than beneficial. No new teacher participating in their BTSA program has been referred for a professional improvement plan.

Jodee Brentlinger
Capistrano Unified School District
32972 Calle Perfecto
San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675

Dry Creek Joint Union Schools
New Teacher Induction Program

This suburban Sacramento school district has three components to its New Teacher Induction Program. Component 1 includes two days of preschool workshops with a focus on strategies to achieve success and effectiveness on the first days of school. Lunch is provided which helps to set a positive tone. Binders with ideas, district curriculum documents, and the book The First Days of School12 are distributed.

Component 2 provides each teacher with at least one hour per week of support with a consulting teacher. Funding is through the California BTSA program, which provides every teacher with a small stipend plus $150 for classroom supplies and two days of release time to observe other teachers.

Component 3 is a series of monthly in services with a multitude of topics helpful to new teachers. Components 2 and 3 run for two years.

Judy Rose
Dry Creek Joint Union School District
9707 Cook Riolo Road
Roseville, CA 95747