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More Induction Programs

New York
Islip Public Schools
Induction Program

The Islip School District has a comprehensive, three year induction program, which begins with an orientation program before the inductees' first year and continues as ongoing professional development throughout the initial, tenure school years. Teachers
proceed through their three-year tenure-track program as cohorts-building relationships and support groups.

Year-1 teachers have a three-day orientation, facilitated by Linda Lippman, the director of human resources. Meetings combine basic procedural information, introductions, a bus tour through the community, team-building activities, food, first-day advice, icebreakers, organizational strategies, and meetings with central office administrators, the payroll account clerk, building principals, and the union president. This group of new teachers meets monthly with the director of human resources and focuses on The Effective Teacher2 video series as a catalyst for conversation and discussion. Collegial circles meet informally in between formal monthly meetings. Additionally, workshops are given on parent-teacher conferencing strategies, open house, and more.

Year-2 teachers have a one-day orientation with an introduction to Cooperative Discipline,3 which becomes the focus of monthly meetings. This philosophy deals with classroom management techniques and interventions for encouraging appropriate behaviors along with understanding that "to discipline" means "to teach." Team-building activities are conducted to promote a sense of cohesion and belonging. And yes, there's food!

Year-3 teachers have a one-day orientation facilitated by the director of human resources which focuses on reviewing the intervention strategies espoused by Cooperative Discipline.

Year-3 teachers also meet monthly, but each meeting is shaped by needs assessments, with appropriate workshop presenters invited to each meeting. Past workshops have included cooperative learning strategies, multiple learning styles, study skill techniques, stress management, time management, self-esteem for educators, and more. And, of course, there's more food!

A newsletter is distributed three times throughout the school year to new staff members. TIPS (Teacher Induction Program Stuff) is the newsletter, which includes information about teaching strategies, cooperative learning, and district information. A new teacher is featured in each issue.

At the end of the year, after the board of education has approved tenure for eligible teachers, a celebration is held. A multimedia presentation is the focal point where newly tenured teachers are featured. The theme one year was "I Believe," based on Nancy Sifford Alana's poem from The Effective Teacher video series. Each teacher was asked to create an "I Believe" statement, and with it their picture was presented to the community as they received their "diploma" of "That Noble Title Teacher"4 by Trish Marcuzzo. And yes, food was included in the celebration!

The Islip New Teacher Induction Program is growing and succeeding. They are proud of the vision of their superintendent, who originated the program, and of the response of the participants to the training. It is the district's intention that the program will continue to grow and will support the investment in their new staff, affording them the opportunity to become the teachers that, as Christa McAuliffe said, "will touch the future."

Linda Lippman
Islip Public Schools
215 Main Street
Islip, NY 11751

Port Huron Area Schools
New Teacher Induction Program

The Port Huron New Teacher Induction Program is designed to acquaint newly hired teachers with the people, polices, and resources of the district as well as provide them with the procedural and instructional strategies to ensure their success in the classroom. The program includes a four-day induction training session for new teachers in early August, monthly professional development seminars held throughout the first year of district employment, and the assignment of an in-building Support Teacher to lend ongoing direct assistance at the building level.

Cathy Lozen
Port Huron Area Schools
1925 Lapeer Avenue
Port Huron, MI 48060

Glendale Union High School District
New Teacher Induction Program

Started in 1993, the Glendale New Teacher Induction Program is a joint creation of the district administration and the local education association. It is designed to train first-, second-, and third-year teachers new to the district. Staff development begins two weeks before the school year with 10 days of instruction for first-year teachers. The emphasis is on Essential Elements of Instruction (Madeline Hunter) and classroom management (Harry Wong). District workshops include one workshop each semester followed by local in service meetings. Each school has a skilled mentor whose role is to train and support the new teachers. Lessons and teaching strategies are modeled for the new teachers who then plan, micro teach, and analyze their lessons with the help of their local school groups and their mentors.

Weekly meetings are held at the school with the mentors and at times the administrators. Topics address the needs of the new teachers. The mentors teach two classes each day and serve as facilitators the remainder of the day. Some of their tasks include the following:

  • Observing all new teachers using clinical supervision, cognitive coaching models, and other informal observation techniques
  • Facilitating all local in service which includes follow up to all district workshops and other professional topics
  • Participating in ongoing staff development to improve the induction program

Second-year teachers receive four days of summer staff development which builds on first-year instructional strategies. Third-year teachers receive three days of advanced staff development. The induction program has served more than one-half of the district's professional staff since its inception.

Margaret Garcia-Dugan
Glendale Union High School District
7650 North 43rd Avenue
Glendale, AZ 85301

Mesa Public Schools
Induction Program

The Mesa program is a six-year professional development process with a minimum of four days of classroom management training in Year 1 prior to the beginning of school, as well as on-site support for classroom set-up and material preparation for the first days and weeks of school. Years 1 and 2 also include one-on-one mentoring support, visits to demonstration classrooms, and release days for observation of best management and instructional practices. The content design is specific to regular education, special education, and counseling assignments. New teachers receive a small stipend at the end of the third and sixth years for successful completion of the induction requirements. Professional teaching standards and state academic standards are an integral part of the program. Approximately 500 new teachers are hired each year and participate in this joint venture between the district's Career Ladder and Professional Development departments. The program has received national recognition and is featured in a Video Journal5 and in Assessing Impact: Evaluating Professional Development6 by Joellen Killion.

Nancy Fiandach
Mesa Public Schools
549 North Stapley Drive
Mesa, AZ 85203

Bridgeport Board of Education
New Teacher Induction Program

This induction program is a four-day event the week before school opens. The focus of the induction training is classroom management, curriculum, and instruction with emphasis on clear expectations and academic rigor. During this induction period, principals and district administration play an active role in welcoming the new staff and orienting them to their schools and to the climate within each building.

The induction process continues throughout the school year with monthly workshops offered in various areas of need as expressed by the new teachers through a survey. Members of the various departments and curriculum areas plan these monthly workshops. Continuous support in classroom management is also provided. Additionally, when each teacher is assigned to a building, he or she is assigned a mentor with at least 4 years of teaching experience. This veteran teacher has been trained as a mentor meeting the requirements of the state BEST (Beginning Educator Support Training) program. Mentors meet regularly (at least twice a month) with the new teachers to discuss issues and/or difficulties which the new teachers might be experiencing. A monthly New Teacher Resource Guide is produced with topics to be discussed with each new teacher by the mentor.

Kathleen Sochacki
Bridgeport Board of Education
Administrative Office Building
948 Main Street
Bridgeport, CT 06604