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More Induction Programs

List of Induction Programs

We have chosen to present in this chapter a selection of programs that represent a diversity of communities, all sharing a common mission of training, supporting, and retaining new teachers, and all experiencing remarkable success. For each program listed, there is a brief description followed by contact information. We respectfully share their information with you and gratefully acknowledge these schools and school systems for allowing us to include them in this listing.

North Carolina
Gaston County Schools
Teacher Induction Program for Success

The district's Teacher Induction Program for Success (TIPS) consists of a weeklong seminar for all teachers new to the school district, with monthly follow-up sessions on Saturdays throughout the year. This program has received the Governor's Award for Excellence in Education.

Linda Rader
Gaston County Schools
236 Eighth Avenue
Cramerton, NC 28032

Blue Valley School District 229
Alliance for Educational Excellence

This induction program is an alliance between the Blue Valley School District, the Blue Valley National Education Association, and the University of Kansas. The program is designed to induct new teachers into the school district and provide an option to work
toward a master's degree, with all classes taught in Blue Valley facilities for the convenience of the new teachers. Training consists of sessions held five days prior to the scheduled return of all district teachers, with three additional training sessions during the first year. This is paid training and is part of each new teacher's contract. Three master teachers are assigned to observe, confer with, and support each beginning teacher. Besides a mentor-a fellow teacher in the same grade or content area-the beginning teacher receives a trained peer assistant who is part of the Blue Valley Peer Assistance Program. Peer assistants have release time to instruct and support new teachers and to assist with the assessment process. This program received the NEA-AFT Saturn/UAW Partnership Award in 2001.

Sandy Chapman
Blue Valley School District 229
15020 Metcalf Avenue
Overland Park, KS 66283

El Reno Public Schools
New Teacher Assessment Program

As part of the El Reno New Teacher Assessment Program (N-TAP), all teachers new to the school district attend an initial induction training session- the Program for the Effective Teacher (PET)-just prior to the beginning of the school year. PET consists of a full week of orientation to the school district, training in classroom management and instructional strategies, and an introduction to the district's philosophy, mission, and procedures.

N-TAP enlists the ongoing support of staff development personnel, principals, coordinators, mentor teachers, school board members, and supervisory staff in order to ensure that new teachers are highly trained and adequately supported, increasing the likelihood that these new teachers will remain in the profession.

Sue Pennington
El Reno Public Schools
P.O. Box 580
El Reno, OK 73036

Community Consolidated School District 15
Helping Teacher Program

The Helping Teacher program is a mandatory four year induction program with a strong mentoring component that helps prepare new teachers for national board certification. A full-time teacher induction facilitator-trainer coordinates the program, which satisfies and surpasses state-mandated requirements for induction and certification.

Carole Einhorn
Community Consolidated School District 15
580 North First Bank Drive
Palatine, IL 60067

Manatee County
Teacher Induction Program for Success

Starting with a four-day pre-school year training session, new teachers in Manatee County begin the Teacher Induction Program for Success (TIPS)-a three-year program to prepare them to be effective teachers. There are periodic support group meetings and strong support from peer groups and administrators. Study cadres are organized with peer teachers, who help the new teachers prepare documentation of the professional competencies that beginning teachers must demonstrate in order to be certified in Florida. Participants must create portfolios that clearly demonstrate evidence of competencies in each of 15 areas. Manatee County also has the Alternative Certification for Teachers (ACT) program.

To recognize his efforts, Steve Zickafoose was awarded the 2001 National Staff Development Council's (NSDC) New Staff Developer Award.

Steve Zickafoose
Manatee County Board of Education
215 Manatee Avenue West
Bradenton, FL 34205