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More Induction Programs

Do You Have a Success Story to Share?

The districts and the people represented in this section embrace the philosophy of Somerset Maugham's quote that began this chapter. To paraphrase this quote on behalf of these educators:

It's a funny thing about education; if you refuse to accept anything but the best from your
administrators, teachers, and students, you very often get it.

And, how do they get it? By using their best people to train all members of the organization to be their best. The primary purpose of this book is to share information so that school districts can help their new teachers succeed by becoming effective teachers who will impact the lives of every student they teach. Thus we have shared a variety of exemplary new teacher induction programs used by various schools and school districts.

Please share your induction program with us. If you have a comprehensive induction program and would like to have it added to future editions of this book, please send information to either of the authors. (See "About the Authors" on page 221.)

We ask that you send information about your induction program only if it meets the following three simple criteria:

  1. There must be a minimum of two days of workshops held before the beginning of school with emphasis on effective teacher training and an introduction to the school or school district's culture.
  2. There must be regularly scheduled meetings held during the first year and a structured program of learning that continues into the second year of new teachers' employment.
  3. There must be some form of structured, personal support provided for each new teacher, at least during the first year.

Thank you for sharing. We look forward to hearing from you.