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Exemplary Induction Programs

Summary and Implementation

Planting the Seeds
Information We've Shared

  • Successful induction programs stress effective classroom management, effective instructional practices, acculturation to the school community, lifelong learning, and teamwork.
  • The primary goals of induction are: 1) reduce the intensity of the transition into teaching, 2) increase retention of highly qualified teachers, 3) improve teacher effectiveness, and most importantly, 4) improve student achievement.
  • Lafourche's FIRST program has been adopted as a statewide model.
  • Flowing Wells offers an annual training seminar on how to implement a successful induction program.
  • Prince George's County hires 1200 new teachers a year and all are inducted.

Nurturing Growth
What You Can Do to Make a Difference

  • Recognize that no matter the size of your district, it is easy to implement a successful induction program.
  • Use the information from the programs featured in this chapter to create your own induction program.
  • Don't put induction off one more minute. Take a step. Begin it.

Reaping the Harvest
Benefits to Your School System

  • Induction doesn't cost money. It saves money.
  • Induction training helps ensure reduced anxiety for new teachers, increased retention of a higher-quality teaching force, a shared culture throughout the district, and improved student achievement.