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Exemplary Induction Programs

Induction and Culture

Induction brings order and vision to a very valuable process. Mentoring does not.

  • Mentoring benefits the individual.
  • Induction benefits the group by bringing people together.

An induction program acculturates each new teacher who joins the district "family" so that the culture of the district is continuously nourished. Teachers stay with such a school district because they are part of a common culture where everyone is working toward the same goals.


You MUST Have a Culture

We need to understand that we all have a common agenda. That agenda focuses on a system-wide plan to guarantee that every child will have the optimum opportunity to learn and to be successful. So the school board, the central administrators, the teacher educators, the students who are preparing to be teachers, and classroom teachers must work together to develop programs and strategies that improve the quality of teaching.5


Their Culture—It’s Huge
Southwest Airlines is the only airline that has consistently made money. How does Southwest succeed when others fail? They have a huge competitive advantage. It is the company's culture, an esprit de corps, that is central to its success. Competitors can buy all of the same physical things. But the things they cannot buy are dedication, devotion, and loyalty, which promote the feeling of participating in a worthwhile cause or crusade.

Once hired, employees go through rigorous people-skills courses at the University for People, Southwest's training center in Dallas. To protect Southwest's tradition out in the field, the company has set up "culture committees" at each of its airports. These committees are responsible for ensuring that each site carries on the spirit of Southwest. This is what Southwest is about, their culture-it's huge!