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Welcome to is a non-commercial website funded by The First Days of School Foundation, a nonpartisan, nonprofit, public benefit corporation based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Rosemary and Harry Wong, both former classroom teachers, are the founders of this foundation.

The paramount goal of The First Days of School Foundation is to enhance the lives and spirit of teachers and children. This website helps to accomplish this goal in two ways:

1. Clearinghouse for Information About Helping New Teachers
is an advocate for new teachers. It collects and disseminates information that will help educators meet the needs and challenges of the thousands of new teachers that enter the profession each year. These postings are periodically updated. You are invited to check the Recent Postings regularly for the latest information.

2. Dissemination of Funds to Help Children, Teachers, and Schools
Prior to 2008, The First Days of School Foundation provided funding for school supplies, uniforms, teacher training, and First Day of School celebrations. In 2008 and for the next few years, the focus of the foundation will be the building and maintenance of the Wong Mean Reth Learning Campus in a remote area in Cambodia.

Click here to see pictures and read more about the Wong Mean Reth Learning Campus in Cambodia.

The First Days of School Foundation will continue to serve as an instrument for helping teachers and children around the world meet their needs and achieve and fulfill their dreams.